From Paints to Pharmaceuticals for Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Release Time:2023-12-27
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Methyl ethyl ketone, also known as MEK and butanone, has a wide range of applications in various industries. The CAS No. is 78-93-3, the UN No. is 1193. One of the most common uses of MEK is in the production of paints and coatings. Its fast-drying properties and ability to dissolve various materials make it an ideal solvent for the paint industry.

However, MEK is not limited to just the paint industry. Its versatility has led to its incorporation in the pharmaceutical sector as well. MEK is used as a solvent in the manufacturing of certain medications, ensuring the proper formulation and delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

For those interested in methyl ethyl ketone, it is essential to understand its identification numbers and reliable methyl ethyl ketone suppliers. The CAS number of MEK is 78-93-3, while its UN number is 1193. These numbers serve as unique identifiers for this chemical, allowing for easy identification during transportation and storage.



From Paints to Pharmaceuticals for Methyl Ethyl Ketone



Methyl ethyl ketone plays a significant role in both the paint and pharmaceutical industries. Its diverse applications and vital role as a solvent make it an indispensable component in these sectors. With the right identification numbers and reliable suppliers, obtaining MEK for your industrial needs is made easier and more efficient.

Where to buy methyl ethyl ketone? It is crucial to find reputable suppliers. Various companies specialize in the production and distribution of MEK, ensuring its availability to industries worldwide. Batong Chemical can provide Butanone, Cyclohexanone, Acetone, Toluene, Benzene, Styrene, Xylene, Isopropanol, Ethanol, Methanol, Butyl Acrylate, Ethyl Acetate, N-butyl Acetate, etc., mainly used in paints, coatings, spray paints, printing, leather, ink, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

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