Properties of Cyclohexanone

Release Time:2023-08-02
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Cyclohexanone is an organic compound with the following properties:

Properties of Cyclohexanone

  1. 1. Aroma: Cyclohexanone has a strong sweet aroma, similar to that of fruit or plants.
  2. 2. Solubility: Cyclohexanone has good solubility in many organic solvents, including alcohols, ethers, esters, etc.
  3. 3. Volatility: Cyclohexanone is a volatile liquid that evaporates quickly at room temperature.
  4. 4. Reactivity: Cyclohexanone is a highly reactive compound that can undergo various organic reactions, such as oxidation, reduction, addition, etc.
  5. 5. Industrial use: Cyclohexanone is widely used in industry as a solvent, solvent, and reaction intermediate for the manufacture of nylon, plastics, rubber, and synthetic fibers.

It should be noted that cyclohexanone is toxic and irritating to a certain extent, and safe operation rules should be followed when using it.

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