What Is The Difference Between Methylated Spirits And Isopropyl Alcohol?

Release Time:2023-09-12
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Do you know the differences between Methylated Spirits and Isopropanol? In this article, we will reveal the main differences between these two substances. So, let’s delve deeper!

  1. 1. Composition: Methylated spirits, also known as industrial alcohol, is a mixture of chemicals such as ethanol methanol, and/or other additives. Isopropanol, often referred to as rubbing alcohol, is a colorless liquid composed of isopropanol. The composition of these two substances is the first obvious difference between them.
  2. 2. Applications: Due to its methanol content, methylated spirits are commonly used as a solvent, fuel, or cleaner. It is common in various industrial applications, such as paint thinners, shellac, and professional cleaning products. Isopropanol finds uses in medical, first aid, sanitary, and cleaning applications. It is often used as a preservative for disinfecting wounds and as a solvent for removing ink stains and sticky residues.
  3. 3. Toxicity: Methylated spirits, due to the presence of methanol, can be highly toxic if ingested or absorbed through the skin. This is why they are denatured as a safety measure to prevent consumption. Isopropanol, while also not suitable for consumption, is generally considered less toxic and is widely used for topical applications.
  4. 4. Evaporation Rate: Another major difference lies in the evaporation rate of these two substances. Methylated spirits have a relatively faster evaporation rate, making them very suitable for applications that require quick drying, such as cleaning surfaces. Isopropanol evaporates a bit slower, which is beneficial for certain uses (like disinfection) as it can provide more contact time with the surface being treated.

By now, the differences between the two are quite clear. Methylated spirits and Isopropanol differ significantly in terms of composition, applications, toxicity, and evaporation rate. Methylated spirits are typically used in various industrial environments, while isopropanol is primarily used in health care and cleaning. Finally, we want to emphasize that our Batong Chemical Group can provide high-quality isopropanol to meet the various needs of end users and traders.

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