Acetone And Isopropyl Alcohol Application

Release Time:2023-07-19
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Household Products

Isopropyl Alcohol is often used to make disinfectant cotton pads, disinfectant alcohol, or hand sanitizer. It is also added to cosmetic care products to evenly distribute the care ingredients in the products through the effect of solubilizing the fat-soluble ingredients. At the same time, it has the effect of sterilizing the bacteria.

Acetone is more commonly used as a polish remover for removing nail polish, paint thinner, and an organic solvent in the fiber, leather, and photographic film industries.

Industrial Use

Acetone and isopropyl alcohol are mainly used as solvents, commonly found in explosives, plastics, rubber, grease, and other industries, but because of the faster volatilization of isopropyl alcohol than acetone, easy-to-dry characteristics of suitable for rinsing, acetone is the other way around, more commonly used in scrubbing machines or parts, both as a solvent, but the application mode according to the needs of the field is still different, in the semiconductor manufacturing, printed circuits, or metal products industry, acetone is only used to wipe copper tubing on the In the semiconductor manufacturing, printing circuit or metal product industries, acetone is only used to wipe the black ink on copper tubes, etc. If brushing, cold washing, or steaming is required, isopropyl alcohol is mainly used.

Other Uses

Acetone is a C3 synthesizer, mostly used in organic synthesis, it is a solvent for washing in the laboratory, and it is also a precursor of the protection group, it can be used as an important raw material for the synthesis of polyisoprene rubber, methyl ester, chloroform, epoxy resin, etc. Among them, the most widely known one is that the mixture of acetone and dry ice can be up to -50 ℃ and can be used as a refrigerant.

In addition to common cleaning and disinfection, isopropyl alcohol is often used in other fields as a solvent in industrial processes such as printing and dyeing, optical film coatings, essential oils, etc., or in the manufacture of acetone and its derivatives.

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