The Vital Role of Xylene in Paint Thinner

Release Time:2023-07-25
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Xylene, being a powerful solvent, plays an integral part in the formulation of paint thinners. Paint thinner, a solvent blend used in the painting and decorating sector is typically composed of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), among which xylene is a pivotal component.

The main function of the thinner is to dissolve the resin of the paint coating and adjust the viscosity and degree of the paint. Therefore, it is needed in general painting operations.

The Vital Role of Xylene in Paint Thinner

The appropriate use of paint thinner is necessary, but too much use will cause the polymerization of the paint to be destroyed and shorten the life of the paint. The main component of paint thinner is xylene, which has a stimulating effect on the eyes and upper respiratory tract and has an anesthetic effect on the central nervous system at high concentrations. Excessive use of paint thinner components in the operation undoubtedly increases the composition of xylene.

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