Application of Butyl Acrylate

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Butyl Acrylate is a chemical compound with the formula C7H12O2 and is commonly known as butyl ester of acrylic acid. It is a colorless liquid with a fruity odor. Butyl acrylate has various applications in different industries due to its unique chemical properties.

Here are some of the primary uses of butyl acrylate:

  1. 1. Coatings and Paints: Butyl acrylate is primarily used as a raw material in the production of water-based coatings and paints. It is a key component in acrylic emulsion polymers, which provide excellent adhesion, flexibility, and weather resistance.
  2. 2. Adhesives: Butyl acrylate is used in the manufacturing of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). These adhesives are commonly used in tapes, labels, and other adhesive applications that require quick and strong bonding.
  3. 3. Textile Finishing: Butyl acrylate is employed in the textile industry as a finishing agent for fabric. It enhances the fabric’s strength, wrinkle resistance, and dye receptivity.
  4. 4. Paper Coatings: Butyl acrylate is used in the production of paper coatings, which provide enhanced printability, smoothness, and water resistance to paper products like magazines, catalogs, and packaging materials.
  5. 5. Emulsion Polymers: Butyl acrylate is a key component for the production of emulsion polymers used in various applications such as carpet backing, non-woven textiles, and construction materials.
  6. 6. Plastic Additives: Butyl acrylate is utilized as an additive in plastic formulations to improve impact resistance, flexibility, and weatherability. It is commonly incorporated into PVC, acrylic, and other plastic products.
  7. 7. Personal Care Products: Butyl acrylate is used in the production of personal care products such as hair sprays, nail polishes, and cosmetics, where its film-forming properties and adhesion are beneficial.

Application of Butyl Acrylate

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