The Function And Use Of N-butanol

Release Time:2023-08-15
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N-butanol is an alcoholic organic compound, a colorless transparent liquid with a special odor and strong volatility. N-butanol is an important solvent, widely used in the chemical industry, medicine, food, and other fields. Uses as follows:

The Function And Use Of N-butanol

  1. 1. mainly used in the manufacture of phthalic acid, aliphatic dibasic acid, and phosphoric acid of n-butyl ester plasticizers, they are widely used in a variety of plastic and rubber products, but also in organic synthesis of butyraldehyde, butyric acid, butyl amine and butyl lactate and other raw materials.
  2. 2. as an extractant for oils, drugs (such as antibiotics, hormones, and vitamins), and spices, additives for alkyd resin coatings and solvents for organic dyes and printing inks, and dewaxing agents.
  3. 3. used to produce melamine resin, acrylic acid, and epoxy varnish to prepare bananas, cream, whiskey and cheese, and other edible flavors.
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